Kalrez® Perfluoroelastomer Part

Kapton ® Tapes

Etching materials

Cleaning Chemicals

Flame-resistant meta-aramid Nomex


Our synthetic Achilles, all our devices are usable. Achilles follows their culture and culture.


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  • Company: Company Limited ACHILLES
  • Working hours: Monday – Saturday (8:30 to 17:30)
  • Address: Số 23B, Cầu Đơ 2 Phường Hà Cầu, Hà Đông District, Hà Nội City
  • E-mail: info@achilles.com.vn
  • Phone Line: 0982132184
  • Tax code: 0108310494
  • Manager: Bà Hà Thị Thương Hiền