[Applications CLEVIOS] Electroluminesence (EL) Lighting

Electroluminescence (EL) Lighting produces a comfortable and uniform light. EL-lamps can be made entirely by screen-printing on thin, flexible plastic substrates. Clevios™ conductive polymers are used as the transparent electrode in this robust, and mature lighting technology.

New applications

Clevios™ S V3 or S V4 allows for economical direct printing and patterning of the transparent electrode on almost any substrate, including paper, plastic, or glass. The uniquely flexible properties of Clevios enable new applications of electroluminescence on smart textiles, in-mould electronics (IME), as well as smart packaging.

Typical structure of an EL Lamp

Clevios™ Screen Printing Pastes

Please see the table below for a handy overview.

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