Temperature resistance of polyimide films and tapes

Customers often ask us what the temperature resistance is of our polyimide tapes and films. Though this is a very normal question to ask, it’s not as simple to answer. Temperature resistance of any product is made up of the temperature resistance of each of its parts. Even the concept of “temperature resistance” leaves a lot open to interpretation. So in order to answer the question of temperature resistance of polyimide tapes, we need to answer each in turn.


How do we define the temperature resistance of polyimide tapes?

When a polyimide tape is exposed to higher temperatures, two things happen. The first is that the polyimide backing itself gets warmer and the second is that adhesive strength degrades. If your application requires your polyimide tape to have high adhesion at certain higher temperatures, then this is how you should define the upper operating temperature. If once the tape is applied to the object, the adhesive strength is no longer important, but the polyimide film itself is not allowed to burn, then this should be your definition of polyimide tape temperature resistance.

What is the temperature resistance of each element of the polyimide tape?

The polyimide film itself can be exposed to temperatures up to 400°C without any risk of burning or mechanical degradation. The adhesive layer attached to the polyimide tape is often either acrylic or silicone. Acrylic starts to lose much of its adhesive strength above 100°C, whereas silicone adhesive starts to lose much of its adhesive strength above 260°C.

If your application is such that the part can be exposed to these temperatures for only short periods of time (say 3–10 minutes), then the question is whether the tape itself actually sees these temperatures. Exposure to high temperatures doesn’t mean necessarily that the polyimide tape itself will get that hot, and once the heat is removed, then much of the adhesion loss of the adhesive is regained.

Of course, you should test for yourself if the polyimide tape meets your specific temperature requirements, but hopefully this article gives you the confidence you need to test it for yourself.

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